The access: map Michelin 338 fold L7 - IGN 65 fold South A6 A75, to take exit n ° 48 (Cornus). To make 6 km until the Cornudos town, to cross it, soon approximately 1.5km later in a curve (attention prudence) to turn to the left direction “Sorgues”. After this way (5 km) to its right the castle is located.

If you arrive from Santo Affrique, when leaving the town of Fondamente an artificial pool exists that you will see your left. After more or less passing it to 1 km, in the curve (attention prudence) it turns to the right direction “Sorgues”.

Airport of Rodez/Marcillac to 100 km.
Airport of Mediterranean Montpellier/to 100 km.
Station SNCF of Millau to 40 km, we come to gather to him gracefully.
Aerodrome Millau/Larzac to 20 km, we come to gather to him gracefully.
Of Paris, Marseille or Montpellier Autoroute A75,
To take exit 48

GPS coordinates:
    - Latitude: 43.8775876
    - Longitude: 3.2042000